Lots of people ask us about Turbine, Gasser & Electric Conversion kits for various Helicopter Models.

We would like to produce more designs to cover other Brand’s Models of the Market and we are happy to announce our new Special BLACKOUT R&D Program!

Ιf you want a Conversion KIT for your Helicopter which you can not find anywhere, now with this Special Program you can have it!

The Program :

  • You request the Conversion KIT for your Helicopter via e-mail
  • We Estimate the possibility of Design Success, Time Line & Production Cost
  • You Provide us a Heli KIT & Extra spare parts needed to be used for measurements, Drawings and also as a Donor model for the Prototype
  • We invest on it with R&D time, we produce Prototypes and testing them until the design proves that works perfect
  • You get your model with the conversion KIT

The Deal..

  • You get your Conversion KIT at Production Cost!
  • We have a new BLACKOUT Design to offer on the Market!


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