Hello everybody.

After some testing of this Upgrade KIT on G7Z Heli, we have results!

Billet Alloy 7075 -T6¬†Clutch Bell – PASS ūüôā

Lightweight and durable, the new 7075 Clutch Bell rocks.
No issue at all during hard loading test flights. Both Alloy Clutch Bell & Pinion Gear works flawlessly!

Alloy 3 Shoe Special Clutch FAIL ūüôĀ

I had hopes for this nice unit but..

Even i set the engagement adjustment screw at the lowest RPM position, the clutch engages at higher RPM than normal with a result of messy, slippery and with lack of centrifugal force clutch system.

SO, this type of Clutches not works on Helis.
Again, the best choice of Clutch for Gasser Helis is the original Zenoah Clutch shoes.

Up next.. [STAGE 2]



As we proceed with the Production of our new Gasser Conversion KIT for SYNERGY N7 Helicopter, we are working on our PERFORMANCE UPGRADE KITs that will be released as soon the tests proves that works and will be designed for all BLACKOUT models.

This is the ”STAGE 1” of PERFORMANCE UPGRADE KIT for G7Z Model.

We are working with high-end materials and clever designs to be able to reach the highest levels of quality, lightness and strength with outcome the higher overall performance of the Heli.

Stage 1 replaces the Steel Clutch bell with Billet Alloy 7075 -T6 Clutch Bell, and the Original Zenoah yoke & clutch with one piece after market 3 Shoe Alloy Clutch.


  • Steel Clutch Bell : 97 Grams
  • 7075-T6 Alloy Clutch Bell : 35 Grams


Here is a comparison with bearing blocks and pinion gears.
Left with the SYNERGY 21T Pinion and Right with the BLACKOUT 20T Pinion.



Next we have the Clutch comparison..

  • Zenoah¬†Clutch¬†with Yoke:¬†137.9¬†Grams
  • Alloy 3 Shoe Clutch :¬†71.1¬†Grams


Full Drive train comparison.



316.5 – 162.9 = 153.6 grams less..

We will test the parts and if they pass, soon will be available to our web site..

Fingers Crossed!

Up NEXT.. The STAGE 2! (we will replace the muffler with special Carbon Fiber Tuned Pipe)..
Stay Tuned!


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