A Proper Gasser Engine Break in Procedure (tested & adopted).

For a Nice Gasser helicopter with lot of power and good flight characteristics, a proper Break in of the engine is required..

All you need :

  • Good Quality 2T Oil
  • Rich needle settings
  • Ground Heat Cycles
  • Patience..
  • On air Heat Cycles
  • More Patience..
  • Lean up a little bit and do easy flights for a while
  • Little More Patience..
  • Fine Tune the engine

Done! Smack it!


Step 1

Do Ground Heat Cycles.

The engine need at least 5 Heat Cycles (5 min each) in low RPM & No or Little load with rich mixture and good synthetic 2T Oil at 20/1 mixing ratio..


During each Heat Cycle you can apply some throttle punches to increase the RPM a little bit.. Do not leave the engine running at idle for long time!

With that way you’ll prevent carbon to sit on the piston & piston ring..

Between Heat Cycles, the engine must be cooled down reaching naturally the ambient’s temperature without extra cooling..

In this Video you can see a complete 5 Min duration Ground Heat Cycle Procedure..

Step 2

Do In Flight Heat Cycles. (normal flight – low RPM – little load)

After Ground heat Cycles you can lean up a little bit the needles and with the same fuel mixture you can start flying..

Do 5 to 10 fuel tanks of easy flights in Normal mode with some punches of trottle.. At this time you can not feel lot of power but  do not forget that you are investing on it for the future..

In this video you can see a sample flight for this step..


Step 3

Tune up your engine and start flying as you want..

Of course the Break in procedure has been not completed yet.. You have to burn about 20L of fuel and then you will start feeling the different in power and smoothness..

At this period you can ‘play’ with carb’s needles to make the engine responds as you wish but do it in safe mode.. Use a 35/1 fuel mixture ratio MAX..

After you burn 20L of fuel on the air, you can enjoy a true gasser heli engine at full power.

You can push Up the fuel mixture Ratio according the Manufacturer of the oil.. Also you can turn ON the governor or you can put a tuned pipe for even more power!

Be sure that the Oil you are using is full synthetic 2T and do not run the engine overheated, at overspeed or too lean..



In this Video :



Enjoy your Gasser!






  1. chdmovies.com
    Jun, 14, 2017

    The main area of controversy among engine break-in instructions is whether to run the engine slowly or quickly to initiate the process.

  2. Dennis
    Jun, 14, 2017

    My opinion is that low rpm (IDLE) is no good for the piston & piston ring.
    Low Rpm at the middle range of the throttle & with low load on is the best..

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