We are a Passionate R/C hobbyists Team Dedicated on Design, Prototyping, Testing & Accomplishing Unique Projects.

We love Gasser & Turbine R/C Models but Composites too!

Our goal is to overthrow some of affairs in the field of R/C Modeling and create Unique High End Products.

After 15 years of experience in R/C Hobby, we have been disgusted to face reliability problems, outrunning moving parts, pour quality of materials been used and un-tested products comes to the market..

Gasser Helicopters can FLY!

They Can do Sport / Aerobatics but they can fly Hard 3D as well!

With all this bad history of problematic conversion kits, poor designs, faulty gears and heavy / low quality materials, the flight capabilities of Gasser Helicopters became a myth..

With this fact as a serious motivation Force, Dennis (the founder) decided to design & build his 1st Gasser Heli Conversion Kit with key objectives of High Quality, High Level of Frame Rigidity & Outstanding Performance due the weight to Power Ratio.

Gasser Helis has been Re-Invented and we are so Proud for this Accomplishment.

Turbine Helicopters are also one of our Passion and it was impossible to not do something for this Class too..

There are no words for these Machines so just check out our Turbine Conversion Designs.. 😉

We do not list any part or Conversion KIT without testing it first in real flight conditions.

We don’t want to produce conversion KITs for every single helicopter of every Brand in the world just to say that we support lots of Helicopter models..

We want to give real solutions with no poor designs that will be the reason for more problems in the future..

Every Conversion Design (especially the Gassers) needs extensive checks and test flights in different conditions to be ready for people to invest on them..

A Building Thread in a forum or a little bit of hovering out at the yard is not enough and in our opinion its a clear fraud.

So, maybe our Designs will be a few, but all of our products they are tested for optimum quality & reliability before listed in our site for sell.

Also we are very proud for our lightweight Designs that we believe that is one of the most important factors.
Some Brands are produce heavy air-frames, so there is no reason to spent time on Designing a conversion kit that will not meet our standards.

We are always open to new challenges and will be happy to helping you to create unique futuristic projects.

Our design team will post ideas in our Blog section and after your precious feed back maybe will see them on the air!

Blackout Conversion Kits, parts & accessories are produced using the best quality materials but not in a mass production.

Huge Sales are not in our first Priorities.

The basic idea of Blackout Mods was about to produce true reliable Rc Gasser Helicopters that they could fly nice, without failures, with long term maintenance intervals & of course with a maximum performance at the lowest weight..

As is not a Job for living but a Passionate Hobby-style occupation, we are targeting to Hobbyists that they really know what they want.

We do not really care about the final cost of the products or the stock availability.

We think that everyone with enough experience on Gasser Helicopter conversions can perceive the differences of our designs & our philosophy instead other manufacturers.

You get what you pay for and you pay for a design dedicated on reliability and high performance. Not for marketing.

Also please keep mind that I Personally choose our Customers..
So if you wish to be a BLACKOUT Product Owner (Especially of a BLACKOUT Conversion Kit), an Order and a payment is not enough some times..

I take in serious consideration the background, the experience, the capability of understanding of what we are doing here, and the overall behavior of each one that wants to get in to our BLACKOUT Community.


Our goal is to enjoy our hobby and create new projects every time..
Not to stop business tomorrow ..

If we get out of Business, we will publish the designs on our Official Web-Site and on the web forums.
We are not a huge company … We are also hobbyists and we do not want to disappoint any of our BLACKOUT Community.

Until that moment comes, we will be here and we will offer our Designs & Our Support Non-Stop.


Yes of course. We have a lot of good friends all over the world!

Sorry but no.
We can not cancel any order and give refunds.
Most of our products are under ‘on demand production’ due they are custom / Hand Made and for that reason its too hard for us to do it.

I hope you understand.

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