G700Z Frame Upgrade [Adjustable Canopy Mounts]

Hello there, after a lot of testing we decided to make some Practical Upgrades to G700Z Design.

Those changes has nothing to do with the flight characteristics of the Gasser Heli but they gives to the user much more options in Setup & usage.

Let’s see first the Adjustable Canopy Mounts!

One big headache with Gasser helicopters is the Canopy grommet fatigue issue..

Due to harder Vibrations of Gasser Engines, we have found that the canopy vibrates more than usual and in combination with a little misalignment of the mounting Holes of the Canopy, the problem gets bigger and the canopy grommets fails too soon!
(some Canopies not studs perfect)

So, we replaced the holes of the canopy mounts with Slotted!


Now you can adjust the Canopy Mounts positions for a perfect alignment of the Canopy with no stress / distortion or Canopy grommets problems.

Enjoy the best GASSER Heli out there!

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