For which Brand would you like to see a Gasser Conversion KIT? [POLL]

Give us your opinion for our next BLACKOUT Gasser Conversion Design!


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  1. George
    Apr, 27, 2017

    Please email me when available for Mikado

  2. Michael
    May, 11, 2017

    Love your Design style. Really Unique.

    I would like to see a Blackout-Gaui X7 Gasser!

    Good work!

  3. Chad Carlin
    May, 28, 2017

    Gaui nx7 gasser conversion

  4. HelisRock!
    Dec, 5, 2017

    Can’t wait for the Synergy G7!

    Just as awesome would be a conversion for the upcoming MSH Nitro

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