Air Filter

Air Filter [Gasser Engines]

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High Performance Air Filter with Venturi & Malossi filter Foam.
Fits to any 30-60CC Gasser Engine.

For years i search about the best Air filter for my Gasser helis..
There are plenty of options out there but no one has all what i want from an Air filter..

So i decided to design the proper Air-Filter for Gasser Helicopter that is Lightweight, helps the engine to perform at maximum but keeps it safe from dust and harmful particles.. And also looks good too! ūüôā

By using Genuine High Quality Malossi RED Sponge, this Air Filter supplys the Air to the intake so nice that it feels like not wearing Air filter at all!
Also the Integrated Venturi helps with the air flow vectoring and helps the overall performance of the engine.


  • Lightweight 3d Printed [ABS] Plastic Body
  • 1MM Thick Carbon Fiber Top Cover
  • Integrated Venturi ( Velocity Stack)
  • 360 & rear/front vents for maximum breathing
  • High Quality Malossi Air Filter Foam Double Red Sponge
  • Works Dry or Wet (with air-filter oil)
  • Enhances Engine’s breathing improving the overall performance
  • Plug & Play – No modifications needed