G600Z Gasser Conversion KIT
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G600Z Gasser Conversion KIT [TREX 600/550]


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Our 1st 600 Class Gasser Conversion KIT!

  • ON DEMAND Production
  • 7075-T6 Billet Clutch Bell Included!



Designed for TREX 600/550 by BLACKOUT & Michael Johnson (MJ Designs).

  • Enhanced Reliability
  • Long Term Maintence Intervals
  • True Running Clutch Bell Included
  • Custom Made 19T MOD1 Slant Pinion Gear Included
  • C/F Governor Sensor Mounting Bracket Included
  • Using Zenoah Clutch System
  • Adjustable Gearbox.
  • Direct Servo Drive
  • Full Carbon Fiber Parts
  • Compatible with Zenoah 23cc~30cc RC Format Engines
  • Forward Engine Mount – Exhaust at the left side
  • Lightweight & Rigid Design ( 4.4 Kg DRY)

The heli uses these parts :

  • 1 X H6NH004XXT, 600XN main shaft to engage 3rd bearing block.
  • 1 X H55B006AXT Top Bearing Block.
  • 1 X H55B007AXT Middle Bearing Block.
  • 2 X H6NB005XXT 3rd Bearing Block (One used for the Clutch bell Support)
  • 1 X H55B010AXT Couter Bearing Block
  • 4 X H55B008XXT Mounts
  • 8 X H55B011XXT or H55B014XXT Frame Spacers
  • 1 X H55T004AXT boom holder. Trex 600N boom holder will also fit. Mod 0.6 for sped up tail ratio or stock 0.8 Ratio.
  • 1 X HN6008, HN6085 & suitable gas bung conversion kit. !Enlarge hole towards tank wall for proper bung clearance to main frame.
  • 1 X HC6183 Canopy.
  • 1 X HN7049T 700 Skid Pipes.


Recommended Upgrade.

  • Lightweight Metal Carb Arm (threaded for either 2mm or 3mm threaded ball)

You Can find it by contacting directly Mr Doug Darby on Facebook.




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