DTS 700 Nitro

MJ Designs DTS 700 Nitro Conversion [TREX 700]


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A great Direct Drive Conversion Kit for TREX 700 NITRO!
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This is a conversion kit to convert a standard Align Trex 700 Nitro Pro into a Direct To Swash (DTS) configuration.

It is possible to use this to convert the Trex 700 Electric however you would also need to acquire the clutch bell, clutch, clutch bearing assembly, start shaft and coupler.

Ofcourse it’s much more cost effective to use the Nitro Pro as a donor model.

In that case you will need only these Extra parts to complete the conversion :

1 X H70119
1 X H70120
1 X H70113
1 X HN6019



For more info about the Project : Click Here.


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