Plastic Engine Weight Reduction Kit
IMG_4975Plastic Engine Weight Reduction Kit

Engine Weight Reduction Set


~100 Grams of Weight Savings!
On Demand Production
FREE Shipping!

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With ~100 grams of weight this Engine Weight Reduction Set will make a real difference to your Overall Flight Performance without Breaking the Bank!

This Set Includes Our Plastic Engine Cover & the Plastic Velocity Stack. It’s a great combination especially for the heavier Gasser Helis like M.A. Whiplash or SAB Goblin.

  • High quality 3D Printed using Customized G-code for more Durability
  • Super Lightweight
  • Fits to All Zenoah RC Style Engines
  • Direct Replacement
  • Suitable ONLY for RC Helis
  • On demand Production


Includes :

Plastic Engine Cover V2 [Pull Start]


Velocity Stack






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