G700Z V2 Gasser Conversion KIT [TREX 700N]


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Gasser Conversion KIT for the older models TREX 700N (61MM wide Frames)!

  • ON DEMAND Production



  • Enhanced Reliability
  • Long Term Maintence Intervals
  • True Running Clutch Bell Included!
  • C/F Governor Sensor Mounting Bracket Included!
  • TREX 700N & TREX 700XN Canopies supported.
  • On-Board Generator Support (Extra Parts Needed Pulleys & Timming Belt)
  • Universal Design compatible with all Align’s Bearing Blocks & Spacers (61MM, Nitro & Electric versions)
  • All Align’s Main Gears Supported giving lots of Gearing options with Slant Teeth! (112T, 110T & 107T)
  • Using Zenoah Clutch System
  • Adjustable Gearbox.
  • Perfect CG
  • Direct Servo Drive
  • PEM Nuts replaces all Plastic Align Nuts for servos Mounting.
  • Full Carbon Fiber Parts
  • Adjustable Canopy Mounts
  • Compatible with Zenoah 23cc~30cc RC Format Engines
  • Bigger Capacity Fuel Tanks Supported.
  • Forward Engine Mount – Exhaust at the left side
  • Standard M3 Hex screws
  • Lightweight & Rigid Design


The New G700Z V2 Conversion KIT can be used to bring again in Life your old TREX 700 Gasser that you have crashed & you can not find Spare parts, or you have demissioned in order to avoid a possible crash especially after Helibug get out of Business..

So, after lots of requests & as we want to help all our Gasser friends that they own HeliBug converted Gasser Helicopters, we are happy to announce our NEW G700Z Conversion KIT ( for the older Align TREX 700N) giving to all of Helibug TREX 700N Gasser Conversion owners a good deal in order to replace their conversion kits with BLACKOUT – TREX 700N model and feel safe again to fly and continue to enjoy.



With the NEW G700Z V2 you can use :


  • TREX 700N Front Frame Mount HN7084T OR
  • TREX 700X Frame Mounts H70B015XXT


  • TREX 700N Main Shaft Bearing Block HN7031T OR
  • TREX 700N Metal Main Shaft Bearing Block/Silver HN7031QFT OR
  • TREX 700E Bearing Block H70045T OR
  • MIXED (any you have available!)


  • TREX 700N Engine Bearing Block Set HN7083 OR
  • TREX 700N Metal Engine Bearing Block Set HN7087T OR
  • TREX 700E V2 Motor Pinion Gear Bearing Mount H70111AT OR


  • ALIGN 16T MOD1 Slant Pinion Gear H55G003XX
  • Align CNC Slant Thread Main Drive Gear/110T H70G008AXT OR
  • Align CNC Slant Thread Main Drive Gear/112T H70G002AXT OR
  • Align CNC Slant Thread Main Drive Gear/107T H7NG005XXT


Available Gear Ratios :

Align Pinion 16T  – Align Main 112T (Gear Ratio – 7) – SLANT TEETH
2000RPM (Main Rotor) X 7(GR) =14.000RPM (engine)

Align Pinion 16T  – Align Main 110T (Gear Ratio – 6.87) – SLANT TEETH
2000RPM (Main Rotor) X 6.87(GR) =13.740RPM (engine)

Align Pinion 16T  – Align Main 107T (Gear Ratio – 6.68) – SLANT TEETH
2000RPM (Main Rotor) X 6.68(GR) =13.375RPM (engine)



Also with G700Z V2 you don’t need the extra push rod and the belcrank for the tail.. The tail Servo can be mounted rear the frame with direct connection to the tail push rod.


This is a Customer’s TREX 700N [BLACKOUT – G700Z V2] Gasser with Slant Gears & XN canopy! 
Weight 12.5 lbs (5.66Kg)
Helibug was 14.3 lbs (6.57Kg)


The New G700Z V2 gives a kiss of life for our beloved Older TREX 700 Airframes!


Parts Needed :

  • TREX 700N KIT (used donor model)
  • 2X Boca Bearings (6X19X5) Ball Bearings – (Find them here..)
  • 2 X (HN7048T) Aluminum Hexagonal Bolt
  • (H70121) 700DFC Linkage Ball Assembly
  • 3 X (H70Z005XX) 700FL Linkage Rod(A) Set
  • 1 X (H70045T) for the clutch lower support
  • A pair of TREX 700N Front Frame Mount (HN7084T) for the engine mount
  • Dubro Fuel Tank 8oz or 12oz
  • Fuel Line for Gassoline
  • Main & Tail Blades
  • Electronics
  • Radio System
  • Engine & Muffler

Recommended Upgrade.

  • Lightweight Metal Carb Arm (threaded for either 2mm or 3mm threaded ball)

You Can find it by contacting directly Mr Doug Darby on Facebook.




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