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T700X TURBINE Conversion KIT [TREX 700X/XN]


High-End TURBINE Conversion KIT for TREX 700X & TREX 700XN Helis.
Especially Designed for XICOY X45H Turbine Engine.
On Demand Production.

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PRE-ORDERS Available.
Next Batch ETA : End of October 2024


High-End Turbine Conversion Kit Especially Designed for the New XICOY X45H Engine.



  • Adjustable Gear Ratio (all Align 700 Class Main Gears Supported 107T-110T-112T)
  • Unique Custom Made C/F Fuel Tank with Clear Windows & Integrated 100Ml Clear UAT (930ml of Total Fuel Capacity)
  • Full Carbon Fiber Frame Parts
  • Custom Main Bearing Blocks 7075-T6 Billet Anodized Purple with 12X21X5 Ball Bearings
  • New Engine Master Mounts 7075-T6 Billet Anodized Purple with bigger cooling Fins
  • Front Engine Mounts 7075-T6 Billet Anodized Purple
  • Custom Metal Frame Spacing Parts
  • Custom Pinion Bearing block
  • Festo Shut off Valve Mount
  • PowerBox DigiSwitch V2 support
  • Special Design to tidy accommodation of Fuel Pump, Electronics & Accessories
  • Designed for XICOY X45H Turbine Heli Engine
  • Extreme level of Air frame Rigidity
  • Amazing Smoothness & Superb Design
  • Weight ~ 5kg /11Lb(Dry) | 5.8Kg / 11/8Lb ( Ready to fly with 930ml Fuel)



Extra Parts Needed.

For TREX 700XN Owners :

  • 1 X TREX 700XN KIT (as donor)
  • 1 X H70B011XXW (700X Canopy Mounting Bolt)
  • XICOY X45H Turbine Heli Engine
  • Electronics
  • Radio


For TREX 700X Dominator Owners :

  • 1 X ALIGN TREX 700X (as a donor model)
  • 1 X HN7036T Clutch/Start Shaft Set
  • 1 X H7NB029XX 700XN Clutch Bell Set
  • 1 X HN7039 Clutch
  • 1 X HN7052T Engine Cooling Fan
  • XICOY X45H Turbine Heli Engine
  • Electronics
  • Radio

Designed For XICOY X45H Engine.

Additional Information

KIT Options

Without C/F Engine Cover, With C/F Engine Cover


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