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Amazing Design of a Gasser Conversion KIT for XL POWER – Specter 700 V2.
On Demand Production.
PRE-ORDERS Available!

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1st Batch (PRE-ORDERS) Estimated Delivery Date : By the end of December.

  • Lightweight Design – 5.145 ~ 5.500 Kg [depends on setup].
  • Splitted Frames.
  • Extreme Rigidity.
  • Enhanced Reliability.
  • Long Term Maintenace Intervals.
  • Top Start adaptor.
  • Reverse Clutch Bell / Clutch Stack with 22T XL Pulley.
  • Belt Driven 1st Stage Drive Train 22T & 16T Pulleys [Gear Ratio 0.727].
  • XL Power Original 2nd Stage Drive Train 11T & 106T Gears [Gear Ratio 9.636].
  • Overall Gear Ratio [7.0].
  • FBL Mount at the front of the Main Shaft.
  • Battery Mount Under the Tail Boom Mounts.
  • Perfect CG.
  • Full Carbon Fiber Parts.
  • Compatible with Zenoah 23cc~31cc RC Format Engines.
  • Upper Forward Engine Mount for amazing flight characteristics.
  • Short Gasser Design following the Original lines.
  • Canopy possition 100% at the same position as the Original Electric Version.
  • Some Trimming is needed on the canopy & the Engine’s Cylinder Plastic Cover.
  • No Pull Start available. You need Electric Sarter to start the engine from above like a normal nitro heli.


Includes :

  • C/F Main Frame Parts
  • Clutch Bell with 22T Pulley
  • Clutch
  • 16T Pulley
  • Timming Belt
  • Top Start adaptor
  • Drive Shaft
  • Trottle Servo Mounts
  • Hardware


Extra Parts Needed.

  • 1 X Specter 700 V2 KIT [as donor]
  • 1 X Lower Motor Mount [XL70B07]
  • 5 X ESC Plate Mount Block [XL70B11]
  • 1 X Lower Motor Mount Spacers [XL70B09-2]
  • 1 X Aluminum Frame Spacer [XL70B39]
  • Pair of Ball links and Balls for throttle servo linkage rod
  • Fuel Tank [Max Size 70MMx70MM] with fittings & Lines for Gassoline Fuel


Recommended Upgrade.

  • Lightweight Metal Carb Arm (threaded for either 2mm or 3mm threaded ball)

You Can find it by contacting directly Mr Doug Darby on Facebook.


Additional Information

KIT Options

Without C/F Engine Cover, With C/F Engine Cover


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