DIABOLO-G Gasser Conversion KIT [DIABOLO 700]


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Gasser Conversion KIT for MINICOPTER DIABOLO 700.
On Demand Production.

  • Enhanced Reliability
  • Long Term Maintence Intervals
  • 2 Stage Drive Train System
  • Gear Ratio 6.9 (Optional 6.32)
  • Belt Driven 1st Stage
  • Crystal Clear Cylindrical Fuel Tank
  • Fuel Capacity ~450ML [15Oz]
  • Fuel Tank Anti-Vibration Mounting System
  • Higher Level of the Engine Mounting
  • Superb Agility
  • Amazing Smoothness
  • Perfect Level Center of Gravity
  • Designed for Zenoah RC Format Engines
  • Forward Engine Mount (Exhaust at the left side)
  • High Levels of Air frame Rigidity
  • Canopy Trimming will be Necessary for the Standard Diabolo 3D Style Canopy
  • Weight ~5.170 Kg [11.4 Lb] DRY – Depending on Setup

Includes :

  • CF Main Frames Parts (2MM & 3MM Thickness)
  • Governor Magnetic Sensor Mount
  • Clutch & Clutch Bell with 1st Stage Pulley Pinion
  • Billet 7075-T6 1st Stage Main Pulley (Machined By MINICOPTER Factory!)
  • 1st Stage Timming Belt
  • Billet 7075-T6 Frame Spacers (Machined By MINICOPTER Factory!)
  • Crystal Clear Cylindrical Fuel Tank
  • CF Tightening Ends for the Fuel Stopper
  • Fuel Tank Anti-Vibration Mounts
  • Hardware


Extra Parts Needed.


If you don’t have yet a DIABOLO 700 Kit:
  • DIABOLO 700BE KIT [Part Number : 4580-G] (Special edition Diabolo 700 KIT that includes just the needed Parts for the Gasser Conversion)
  • Zenoah RC Style Gas Engine (TRM Engines Recommended)
  • Muffler (MSTUDIO Recommended)
  • Electronics
  • Radio



If you Have already a DIABOLO 700 Kit:
  • 2X D24s Belt Thigtening Carrier – (for the Engine Master Mount CF Plate)
  • 1X D054 Swash Plate Rods – (for the Throttle Linkage)
  • 1X D072 Ball Joint 6MM – (for the Throttle Linkage)
  • 2 X D041 Landing Bow Holder – (for Landing Skids)


  • Zenoah RC Style Gas Engine (TRM Engines Recommended)
  • Muffler (MSTUDIO Recommended)
  • Electronics
  • Radio

Recommended :

  • 760 or 800 Class Heavy Duty Tail Boom Braces.
    Diabolo 700 Tail Boom Braces works fine but due that this heli was designed as 700 Electric, the Braces carbon Rods are too short and the plastic mounts are too thin for Gasser.
  • Minicopter Rigid Head (Hard Dampened)
  • Big Canopy (D130)


Additional Information

KIT Options

Without C/F Engine Cover, With C/F Engine Cover


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