Premium Air Filter [Gasser Engines]


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High-End 2-Stage Air Filter with Malossi Filter Foam.
Fits to any 30-60CC Gasser Engine.


Helis are Sexy.. Why not Air Filters too?

  • Lightweight & Durable RESIN-3d Printed Plastic Body
  • Clear Coated with UV High protection
  • Great Elongation at Break & Tensile Stress Ratings
  • 3D Printed with Special Mixture of Resins in order to achive the best mechanical characteristics for application.
  • 1MM Thick Carbon Fiber Front Cover
  • 2MM Thick Carbon Fiber Rear Cover
  • PETG Clear Plastic Intake Window
  • Pem Nuts and M2.5 Bolts Hardware
  • High Air flow with 2-Stage Filtering
  • LASER Cut – Malossi Air Filter Foam
  • Works Dry or Wet (with air-filter oil)
  • Enhances Engine’s breathing improving the overall performance & Aesthetics
  • Weight 70 Grams
  • Plug & Play – No modifications needed