Specter – G700V2|M|

G700V2|M| Conversion Kit, Designed for XL POWER – SPECTER 700V2 Helicopter.

A Top Tier Gasser Conversion KIT introducing our New Conversion Kits series, |M|.

|M| Stands for Monocoque.

Carbon fiber Monocoque designs have been driving technology forward for over 40 years. Their ability to provide robust, Rigid & lightweight frames pushed the industry of automotive and aviation at levels that it would be impossible before that.

Of course when you mess with Monocoque, one huge problem is the Design of the frame and the other one is the manufacture of this design in order to bring it to the real life.

Well, thats a big and hard journey as there is no margin of error like the traditional frame techniques that can be forgiven later by re-design some of the parts and proceed..
With Monocoque, you have to do it perfect cause the 2nd stage of the production, the Manufacturing of the Monocoque frame, requires Molds… And these molds are not cheap.

On top of that, we have the cost of the raw materials that due its nature (high-end Prepreg carbon fiber) are very expensive and wasting them is not an option.

The real deal is that the Monocoque frame has to be so perfect designed in 3D CAD Software so there will be no risk of error at the assembly of the mechanics inside the frame, everything must be fit perfectly and at the same time looks good!
The quality of the product relies on the quality of the mold and the quality of the mold relies on the quality of the Design.. Plus the Manufacturing skills working with Composite Materials.

If we want to do all this, we must not only pay attention on the Design but also at the 2nd stage, the Manufacture of the actual Monocoque Frame using special molds, Prepreg Carbon Fiber layers properly prepared, stacked and aligned in the molds that later must be cured in an oven with specific temperature plan to solidify and produce high-end one-Piece Monocoque Shell that later using CNC machine will be trimmed, drilled and fine-tuned in order to have the final product and be ready to be ”filled” with all the parts that eventually will makes it a Gasser Helicopter Build.

Here we are, we try again to do something different, and this is our the 1st attempt with the G700V2|M|.

The Design is now ready.
All files has already double and triple checked. And now we are ready to start the production of the Molds and the parts needed..
Engine mounts, gears, Fuel tank, engine cover, skid mounts, bearing blocks etc..

The final conversion kit will includes everything is needed in order the owner will no need to seek for extra parts or spares that usually must do with conversion kits.

The retail Cost of this conversion Kit is estimated at ~ $2400 USD
We hope that we will have some prototypes early of Jan 2024.

Detailed Information about Specs will be announced soon under the Official Product Page.

So, this is an open invitation to all of you ”Gasser friends”.
Please let us know if you are interested on this Really Special Gasser Converion kit by sending us a message from the Form bellow.

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