TREX 700XN – The Next Level



Hello Nitro Lovers..

After lots of requests from 700XN Owners to do something for this great flying Heli, i decided that i will try to make this heli perfect by totally redesign the airframe from a ”BLACKOUT” Point of View.

  • We Replaced the front plastic mounting system for the electronics with C/F Trays and now the frame is more rigid and more lightweight.
  • We Reversed the Cyclic Servos Orientation in order the Elevator Servo and the Anti-Rotation Bracket be at the front of the Main Shaft.
  • We Used our Special Main Bearing Blocks using 12X21X5 Ball bearings saving lots of weight. (included in EXTREME Version).
  • We Moved the Tail Servo to the Front of the Frame and use a C/F Push Rod with C/F Bell crank for the Tail rotor control helping again the CG to be better.
  • We Rejected the Gearbox and now we have a direct pinion to main gear mesh with custom made Top pinion Bearing Block (36MM wide).
  • We reserved a location at the front of the frame for header tank that in my opinion is a must on Nitro Helis and also helps with the CG.
  • We reserved a location at the front of the frame for the beloved Switch Glo Unit.
  • We reserved a location for the XPERT Digital Switch at the rear of the frame for easy access.
  • We Modified the Clutch Bell in order to have the proper clearance for the tail drive gear when using the 107T Main gear.
  • We did the Gear Mesh Adjustable so now we can have more Gear Ratio Options using all Align’s RC Main gears (107T – 110T & 112T) in combination with the Original 13T slant TREX 700XN Pinion Gear.
  • We produced a Special C/F Fan Shroud (included in EXTREME Version) in order to save over 40 grams just from this part! The original plastic fan shroud weights 89 Grams!




Focusing on Rigidity, Reliability, Power, and Lightness, the New BLACKOUT – N700X will be tested soon and be released early in 2021.

There will be Two N700X Conversion Versions Designed for the TREX 700XN Air-Frame:

  • N700X
  • N700X [EXTREME]


More info soon…



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