TREX 700XN – The Next Level

Hello Nitro Lovers..

In Recent Years Align RC has establish a huge improvement in Design and the quality of his products. Althrough some times even a major manufactures do mistakes and ragard their point of view they fix the issues or they support their opinions regardless user’s feed back.

I am not judge but here at BLACKOUT MODS we like to fix issues and making something good EVEN BETTER! ūüôā

After some years observing¬†their latest Nitro Model TREX700XN¬†and studying the feed back from the owners i felt the need to take a closer look at this model especially about¬†it’s issues in order to determinate what hapens, why issue happens and how will be able these issues to be resolved.

As the most of Align Nitro guys know, the bigger issue about the TREX 700XN is the Gearbox with the idler gears.

Lots of users Mentioned :

  • That the plastic gearbox fails (melting) after some flights.
  • That Greasing the gearbox every 5 or 10 flights¬†is¬†a least Annoying and a sign of unreliability of the system.
  • That the Metal Liner inside the Clutch Bell is the reason for the heat production causing the gears get hot and the plastic gearbox melts down.
  • That Align RC or some one After-Market Manufacturer has to machine a metal Gearbox Replacement in order to be more heat-resistant and the gear box not fail but again, greasing every some flights will remain an issue.
  • That the solution to this problem is the replacement of the metal Liner of the Clutch Bell with the older Liner to reduce the produced heat from the metal to metal friction
  • That this gearbox is the reason that they don’t buy this model or they sold it to buy another more reliable 700 class nitro machine.

Taking these opinions in a serious consideration i did some research in order to determinate why Align proceed with this (now  proven faulty) design, how this could be fixed and what we can do in general in order to Redefine the TREX700XN.

So, in my opinion :

  • Align RC was in rush to compete the new generation 700 Nitro Machines that had a big success, with their successful TREX 700N Model be too old for the market with a serious lack of spare parts availability..
  • Align RC wanted to bring the fuel tank just under the Main rotor shaft in order the fuel level during flight not ruin the center of Gravity.
  • The 700XN Heli was tail heavy by the design and they needed to balance the heli adding weight at the nose area somehow.
  • Their solution was to bring the engine forward to balance the heli and the transmision¬†having a gap that needed to be filled.
  • They had 2 solutions, 2 stage Belt drive transmision & Idler gears to¬†fill the distance..
  • They did not wanted to¬†proceed with Belt Drive for their reasons (that i can imagine) but is not so critical to mention right now.
  • They Designed this gearbox with the idler gears with the well known outcome.
  • They did not proper test the system before they release the Heli to the market.



For a year now i have received some requests from 700XN Owners that asked from us to design a new metal gear box in order to fix the melting issue. I was not sure if this was¬†the perfect solution for this issue and also i was pretty sure that this ‘upgrade’ will be released soon via Align RC¬†as they did! ūüôā

I was thinking that all this thing plastic or metal thing makes the heli more complicated, heavier and finally not reliable as its’ successful grandpa 700N.

After some thoughts i decided that i will try to make this heli perfect by totally redesign the airframe with a BLACKOUT perspective.


At last the BLACKOUT Edition TREX 700XN [N700XN] Design is ready and wicked!

  • We have replaced¬†the front plastic mounting system for the electronics with full carbon fiber mounts and now the frame is more rigid and more lightweight.
  • We rejected the gearbox and¬†now we have a direct pinion to main gear mesh.
  • We¬†made space for¬†mounting a header tank inside the frames at the fron area.
  • We¬†modified¬†a little bit the Clutch Bell in order to have the proper clearance for the tail drive gear when using the 107T Main gear.
  • We modified the TREX 700N Plastic double bearing engine shaft bearing block to fit inside the naroow 36MM frames.
  • We did the gearing adjustable so now we can have¬†more gear ratio options using all Align’s RC Main gears (107T – 110T & 112T) in combination with the Original 13T slant TREX 700XN Pinion Gear.
  • We produced a Carbon Fiber Fan Shroud in order to save over 40 grams just from this part! The original plastic fan shroud weights 89 Grams!

Now This model will be way much Faster and Agile, Reliable, with no issues about CG and no need of greasing every 5 flights!

Soon, the first PROTOTYPE TREX 700XN (BLACKOUT Edition) – [N700XN] will be ready!



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