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After 4 creative years i am super exited to represent to you the Anniversary Version & Last Design of our TREX 700X line Gasser Conversion Kits.




With this Design we wanted to reach the limits of the Modifications that can be done on an already successful Design by doing the impossible!
We replaced almost any metal part of the frame construction with Carbon Fiber, Billet Allou 7075-T6, Titanium & Ceramics!

Also we used Different Thicknesses of Carbon Fiber (1MM | 1.5MM | 3MM), Strategically possitioned, for each part in order to maximize both, weight reduction and Rigidity of the Chassis.

The whole Air-Frame has been re-Designed to be extremely lightweight & rigid at the same time, targeting to a Performance that never been seen before with Gasser Helicopter!

This EXTREME Version can accept any RC Class Zenoah Gas Engine up to 32CC!


  • C/F Multi Layer Chassis – Maximum Rigidity with Minimum Weight
  • Billet Alloy 7075-T6 (Anodized Red) Bearing Blocks for 21X12X5 Ball Bearings
  • One Piece Billet Alloy 7075-T6 Clutch Bell
  • 16T Align Pinion Gear
  • Special Frame Billet Alloy 7075-T6 Spacers (Anodised Black)
  • Ceramic Ball Bearings for the Main Shaft Upper & Middle Bearing blocks
  • Ceramic Ball Bearings for Clutch Bell, Pinion Gear & 3rd Main shaft bearing blocks
  • PEM NUTS for Servos & Electronics Trays Mounts
  • C/F Fuel Tank ( Fuel Capacity of 450ml – 15Oz) + Visible Fuel Level
  • All Spacers and Frame Mounts are included – No Extra parts Needed to build 😉




The G700XZ EXTREME will be produced at very limited number of only #10 Kits at cost of ~$1200 USD per KIT + Shipping.

For Each Order we need a full Month to Produce, Prepare and Ship.
For this Model, Custom Modifications are not available.

Orders can be placed only via E-mail.


EXTREME Owners’ List.

#01 – Doug Darby [USA]
#02 – Sherman Martin [USA]
#03 – Dionysis Gouskos [GR]
#04 – Rahul Gaba [USA]
#05 – Curtis Pratt [USA]
#06 – Adam Edwards [UK]
#07 – Jeff Honda [USA]
#08 – Chris Griffin [USA]


For any further Information Please contact us.

As always available,



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