Yes.. We are greedy.. We want more and more and more..
Our next Concept Materialisation Project has to satisfy our thirst for More Power, less Vibes, Better Efficiency, Higher Rotor RPM, Better Cooling and Hot.. Really HOT Look!

So.. this is our next Extreme Conversion KIT that we are working on.. the G700XZ BOXER! And with that one, we hope to have the World First Gasser Heli that it has good possibilities to compete Electric Powered Helis!

Air Frame Specs

  • Designed for DLE 60 TWIN.
  • Extremely Smooth due the nature of Twin Opposite facing Cylinders that minimize vibrations
  • Lots of Gear Ratios Options Suitable for Extreme 3D or SPEED to UAV applications & Aerial Works.
  • Two Stage Drive Train (Belt Drive & Gears)
  • Lots of Torque
  • Cooling fan to each cylinder
  • Slim Aerodynamic Design with the engine mounted longitudinally (Cylinders inside the Main Frames)
  • Custom Kevlar Fuel Tank (600CC) for long Flight time
  • Special on Board Generation Option for Unlimited Flights or UAV Applications
  • Easy startup with Top Start Hex Nut.
  • Custom Bearing Blocks with Bigger Bearings for the needs of the belt transmission
  • Drive Train isolation (Mechanical & Thermal) from Engine with High quality Shaft Coupling.
  • Easy Engine Separation from the Air Frame for maintenance

Engine Specs

  • Displacement: 61 cc (3.7 cu in)
  • Bore: 1.42 in (36 mm)
  • Stroke: 1.18 in (30 mm)
  • Total Weight: 4.37 lb (1.98 kg)
  • RPM Range: 1,400-8,500
  • Output: 7.0 hp @ 8,500 rpm

DLE Engine Web Site : https://www.dle-engines.com/dleg0060.html


The first Prototype will be Ready to Fly very soon, and i will keep you Updated with more details..




UPDATE – 10 SEP 2018



Hello Gasser lovers.

I am very happy to announce that the 1st Prototype of the BOXER Project FAILED successfully!

Yes, you read well… I am very happy, and I FAIL! 


The engine could not even started. The first problem with the red plastic isolator durability basically was an outcome and not the cause of that fail back then. The Green part (the harder one) saws me the real cause of the problem and it’s the drive train design.

This is a very nice and lightweight 2 stage drive train design, but it has a major fault… the starting of the engine…

During the starting procedure the power of a 6 Cell powered Dynatron Electric Starter puts the main timing Belt (the wide one ) under a very high stress.. the fatigue of each try to start this engine is very big so this drive train design proved wrong.

Also, the engine mounting on the helicopter air-frame needs to be upgraded.

The reason is that this BOXER engine is very powerful and the mounting on the helicopter has to be even more rigid.
So, I have to redesign the mounting system for the engine in order to attach it on both, Upper & Lower frames.

Now, the engine is mounted only at the lower frame and the result during the starting of engine was a very big distortion of the drive drain area (main axle of the 1st stage). The result? Axle broken during the starting procedure of the engine!

This lesson proves that the whole system is not good at all and now I am sure that I must make it more heavy duty…

Now… I the Prototype No1 Design has been rejected (regarding the drive train and the engine mounting design) and I will proceed to the next Design to build the Prototype No2.

This new airframe will be way much better, and I hope that will be the one that will work and fly and after that I will search for improvements.

What differences in Proto No2?

– Better Engine mounting system securing the engine both at the lower and the upper areas of the engine & the lower & upper Frames ensuring the perfect alignment and smooth transition of the power to the drive train.

– Clutch on the engine’s crank shaft rated for engagement at 3000RPM with clutch bell that will drives the 2nd stage via the big belt.

– Dedicated gear system attached direct on the engine’s crank shaft in order to start the engine with gear ratio up to ~ 4:1 for even easier start with electric starters.

– Cooling system attached on the lower (engine’s) frames for better assembly – disassembly of the Airframe and driven direct from the engine’s crank shaft placed just under the starting gear and clutch.

Why I am happy after a major FAIL?

– I proved to my self some things that I was afraid that maybe was wrong, but on the ground…
– I am one step closer to success.
– I have a lot of work to do…

Let’s continue RnD.

Thank you all.


UPDATE – 15 SEP 2018


PROTOTYPE V2 Compact 1st Stage Drive Train Design.

  • Clutch Bell + Drive Pulley in single Unit.
  • Special Clutch with Engagement at 3000~3500 RPM.
  • Metal Flywheel + Starting Gear in single unit that can drive on Board Generator too.








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  1. […] we have almost ready the G700XZ BOXER using DLE 60CC TWIN Engine. You can find more here : G700XZ BOXER! ? BLACKOUTMODS.COM Thank you BR Dennis […]

  2. laguna123
    Nov, 30, 2018

    Hello i have a small question did not you try to put the boxer motor upside down so the cylinders were out of the frame and cooled with air during the flight? thank you for answer Mirek

    • Dennis
      Nov, 30, 2018

      Hello Mirek.

      A couple of reason are :

      – Better cooling with high speed cooling fans
      – Better aerodynamics with the slim style outline of the helicopter


  3. notlukydog
    Jul, 7, 2019

    Any updates as of the current status? I’ve been waiting to see it on the product page.

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