T700XZ TURBINE Conversion KIT [TREX 700X/XN]


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TURBINE Conversion KIT for TREX 700X & TREX 700XN Helis.



  • Enhanced Reliability
  • Split Frame Design
  • Long Term Maintence Intervals
  • Gear Ratio 8.46 (110T/13T)
  • Custom Kevlar Fuel Tank with integrated UAT (~750ml)
  • Adjustable CG (By repositioning one Battery)
  • Full Carbon Fiber Parts
  • Extra Turbine Engine Protection frames.
  • High Levels of Air frame Rigidity
  • Amaizing Smoothness
  • Weight ~ 6kg (Dry)

Includes :

  • C/F Top Main Frames
  • C/F Lower Main Frames
  • C/F Side Main Frames
  • C/F Bottom Frame Mount
  • C/F FBL Unit Mount
  • C/F Battery Mount
  • C/F Turbine Engine front support Mounts
  • C/F FADEC Unit Mount
  • Kevlar Fuel Tank with integrated UAT (Fuel capacity ~750 ml)
  • Modified Top clutch Bearing Block
  • Hardware


Photos by Matthew Murray who also did this nice color scheme for his T700XZ EXTREME Turbine Heli with 760 Setup.

This one is with TREX 700XN Canopy.. Thank you Mark..

Extra Parts Needed.

For TREX 700XN Owners :

  • 1 X TREX 700XN KIT (as donor)
  • 1 X H70B011XXW (700X Canopy Mounting Bolt)
  • 1 X H70B015XX (700X Frame Mounting Block)
  • 1 X H70B019XX (700X Frame Mounting Bolt)
  • 1 X H80G002XXT (Main Gear 110T)
  • 1 X H7NB023XXW (700XN Main Frame Mounting Bolt)


  • Turbine Heli Engine
  • Electronics
  • Radio


For TREX 700X Dominator Owners :

  • 1 X ALIGN TREX 700X (as a donor model)
  • 1 X H70B015XXT (700X Frame Mounting Block)
  • 1 X H70B019XXT (700X Frame Mounting Bolt)
  • 1 X HN7036T Clutch/Start Shaft Set
  • 1 X H80G002XXT (Main Gear 110T)
  • 2 X H7NB023XXW 700XN Main Frame Mounting Bolt
  • 1 X H7NB022XX 700XN The 3rd Main Shaft Bearing Block
  • 1 X H7NB021XX 700XN Engine Mount
  • 1 X H7NB029XX 700XN Clutch Bell Set
  • 1 X HN7039 Clutch
  • 1 X HN7082T Engine Fan Mount
  • 1 X HN7052T Engine Cooling Fan


  • Turbine Heli Engine
  • Electronics
  • Radio


Additional Information

KIT Options

Without C/F Engine Cover, With C/F Engine Cover


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