Affordable Gasser Diet!

Hello there!

All the Gasser Pilots all over the world we have one thing in our minds… Flight Weight Reduction!

Well, in order to achive a noticable weigh loss on gasser machines, the most of the time its a not an easy job.

Exotic materials like Carbon Fiber, Titanium or 7075 – T6 Billets are nothing but cheap..

The big game changer on weight reduction rush was our Carbon Fiber Engine Cover.
These parts are custom molded and lots of working hours & expertice needed to be produced. So these parts can not be cheap..

For lots of people out there is not so easy to invest on High-End parts to save some grams.. (ok, 60+ grams are not a small amount of weight but anyways..)

So after lots of requests and the true need of a new more affordable weight reduction solution i decided to produce a plastic Engine Cover that will saves a lot of weight but without brake the bank!

After Testing some 3D Printed Prototypes under different conditions finally i have figured out how can i produce a lightweight 3D Printed Engine Cover that will be a superb replacement part for every gasser Pilot out there.

The Blackout Plastic Engine Cover weights ~60 Grams and is ~50 Grams lighter than the Original Metal Engine Cover and only ~20 Grams heavier than our High-End Carbon Fiber Version.

For the Pull Starter mounting brackets, brass M4 Threaded Inserts has been used in order to secure that the screws of the pull starter will bolt on the cover properly.

This Is a great alternative for effective weight loss at the most critical area of the heli that the less weight is always better!

You can find it here and for all you gasser lovers i offer WorldWide Free Shipping for this product! 🙂

My best Regards from Greece,

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