MJ Designs Acquisition

Hello Heli World!

I Super Happy to Announce that from now on, MJ Designs Belongs to BLACKOUTMODS Team!

Michael Johnson Is the Person Behind MJ Designs and i found that he is one very talented guy on Design, RnD and Prototyping.
He did some great Projects that they took my attention and i thought that Its the perfect choice to add him, his ideas and his Passion for our hobby, into my Team.

Now Michael and Blackout Team will work together in order to bring even more Exciting Projects to our Life in the near future.

Lots of people asked me before via messages & e-mails about the possibility to design more of Gasser Helis, Designs that will fine-Tune Nitro Models and also about a Super EXTREME Projects Designed for Electric Helis!

Well.. Now that BLACKOUT Team is getting bigger and bigger, i can assure you that we will see amazing things for all these kind of RC Helicopters.

Gassers, Turbines, Nitros & Electrics!

The Helis are Here. Are Alive and we gonna make them even Better! 😉

I want to Thank Michael for his Acceptance of my Proposal and remeber… #KeepRcHelisAlive everybody!!



There are some words that Michael sent me in order to Puplish and let you all know him better..



Who am I? My name is Michael Johnson and I have been active with model helicopters since I was 13 years old which means I have been enjoying this hobby for over 30 years.

I washed cars in school break time to save for my first helicopter which was a Kyosho Concept 30 and Futaba Challenger Radio. Armed with training skids and a week holiday I mastered hovering, then on to circuits and was hooked.

Moving on quite some years I noticed a flybarless system from Mikado. Flybarless was hardly spoken about especially in the 3d world. This move was when I first started working on helis and going away from stock. There were no flybarless heads or very few for scale so I made my own grips, had to look at geometry ratio’s and had a lot of fun. Started with a trex 600N then on to the Synergy N9. When the later Mikado system came out long before what we have now I was on the beta team for trying new firmware.

After this I became sponsored by Kasama UK. This was mostly for my setup assistance rather than my flying ability Then a good friend of mine built his own Gasser. This was the first time I had seen a conversion of such magnitude and total redesign. This got me really excited and we teamed up and created RMJ UK and developed a Raptor E700 gasser and nitro.

The final product was simple, lightest in the class at the time and a great flying heli. One of the highlights was seeing Nick Maxwell flying our conversion. Carey at GPH took on the line and did some great work with it. Unfortunately Thunder Tiger had major troubles and the line phased out. Rob and I effectively closed RMJ but we remain good friends.

Next I started looking at Align 700’s and now having self taught myself CAD I created a Trex 700N pro based machine with split frames. Been an avid helicopter builder, pilot I really focused on quality in flight and ease of maintenance. This is my core value to this day, has to fly great, be reliable and super easy to work on.

Roll on to 2019 I started to see and read more from Blackout Mods. I hadn’t been into gassers for a few years so seeing all this development, fantastic conversion, accessories and so on I just thought WOW.
I took all my best Trex 700 Nitro DTS features and carefully redesigned it for a Trex 700 DTS gasser.
I noticed how Dennis had tackled the clutch bell with a one piece bell and shaft. Knowing this was such an elegant and true running solution I approached Dennis for one which he kindly agreed to.
The result blew me away, ease of build, super clean line, flies great and very smooth which a big part of that been down to Blackout Mods clutch bell.

So that brings us to the present. Having posted the MJ Align gasser online and a relationship developing between Dennis and I, Dennis agreed to take on what is now MJ designs to offer to the heli world MJ based helicopter designs. This include a Align 700 Nitro carbon, Align 700 Gasser and other designs that are in the prototype stage. With some of my ideas, Dennis’s creativity and skilled craftmanship good things are happening.

Happy Flying,

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